The Gene of Science and Technology

To fulfill users’ requirements and improve users’ experience, F-Road constantly develops and updates its products through independent R&D and technological innovation. At the moment, we hold 12 patents, 24 software copyrights, and 46 registered trademarks. The patents acquisition not only shows F-Road’s technical strength, but also benefits further improvement of its IPR structure, therefore increasing the core competitive power.

Our Rewards

In October 2019, F-Road SIMeID won the world's highest award in Inclusive Finance in G20 “GLOBAL SME FINANCE FORUM 2019" - "Responsible Digital Innovator of The Year" Platinum Award.

F-Road Smart Lending Platform (FSL) was honorable mentioned for “Product Innovation of The Year” in G20 “GLOBAL SME FINANCE FORUM 2019".

On June 30th 2015, F-Road received the only award by the WSJ committee for Asia-Pacific Financial Inclusion Challenge, as well as the technology award.

On December 16th 2014, F-Road’s SIM-card-overlay was chosen by China’s Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) expert as the only project in China to represent as a successful case in providing sustainable financial service for people in poor rural area in the awarding which is initiated by Asia-Pacific Agro-loan Association. It was awarded in March 2015 in Manila.

On June 12th 2014, F-Road received a nomination of Achievement in Inclusive Business in the selection of Business Influence (FT/IFC Transformational Business Award), held jointly by Financial times (FT) and International Finance Corporation (IFC).

In 2013, a platform project initiated by F-Road won the second place of the 2013 Annual Banking Technology Development of People’s Bank of China (PBOC). This platform is a convenient mobile financial service platform that based on double models-- mobile phone application and SIM-card-overlay.

Big Events


F-Road was founded. It signed contract with the first partner bank—Zhuhai RCB, the first SIM-card-overlay came into service.


Over 10,000 SIM-card-overlays are in use.


HTC Corporation (Hong Kong) invested in F-Road and became our shareholder.


The mobile bank app was implemented in Chongqing RCB.


SIM-card-overlay was issued in provincial credit union for the first time.


Over 1 million SIM-card-overlays are in use.


Value-added service platform was implemented.


F-Road started partnership with Union Pay Advisor and Payment System of Rural Credit Bank


Online shopping mall O2O Bill was implemented.


World Bank Group IFC started strategic partnerships with F-Road.


Community bank platform was implemented in Anhui Rural Credit Union.


Users of SIM-card-overlay broke 10 million.


New version of community bank platform was implemented.


Users of SIM-card-overlay broke over 15 million.


WeChat bank was implemented in Taizhou bank.


Golden Boost Assets Management Platform was implemented in Weifang RCB.


PING AN Group started strategic partnership with F-Road.


52 Online Shopping was implemented in Xinghua RCB.


Gained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management Certificate.


Named as eID network identity service provider of MPS Citizen Network ID System


F-Road invested in Pakistan Zing Digital and was put on the shareholder list.


Collective payment system was implemented in Anhui Rural Unions.


Smart Lending Platform (FSL) was implemented in Jingu RCB, Inner-Mongolia.


Anhui Rural Unions Collective payment system Union e-pay reached 10 billion RMB in transactions.


New version of mobile bank and community e-bank were implemented in Anhui Rural Unions.